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Student Leadership / Life Skills

Potential is one of the greatest words that we know because of what it represents. Potential represents optimism, hope, and it hints at success and greatness. It tells a story of what students can become through development and growth.


When students are aware of the potential they possess it makes a world of difference not only in their life but in the lives of others and everything around them.

Student Athlete Development

Student-athletes are leaders beyond their sport, and I strongly believe that personal development for student-athletes plays a critical role in enhancing the student-athlete experience.


As a former collegiate athlete, I'm aware there is a strong emphasis placed on student-athletes to become leaders and champions not just in their perspective sport but in life by placing the highest value on integrity, character, attitude, and commitment.



Student-Athlete Development 

Through her transparent speaking, Raven shares her adversity and opposition downfall coming out of college as a student-athlete and her rise to success by utilizing the skills she learned as an athlete and applying them to her life.


Balancing academic success, athletic competition, and personal growth along with student life can be very challenging for student-athletes.

Through my past experience as a student-athlete and talking with current student-athletes it seems there are many challenges at hand, but the three main challenges are as follows...


     Developing and balancing two identities, that of a student, and that of a student-athlete

     Life after sports/purpose


     Knowing how to leverage your skill set


Through presentations and talks, Raven aims to provide student athletes with the following solutions and empower them to create the life they want through their habits. 


  Developing and Balancing Two Identities Solution: "YOU’ define who you are, not your sport; Establishing career goals / academic goal


  Life After Sports / Purpose Solution: Navigating after the “crossover"; Conveying the message of how you already possess greatness from within


  Knowing How to Leverage Your Skill Set Solution: Showing how your sports skills correlate to life success, academic success, and leadership


 Lack of Academic Preparedness/Time Management Solution: Mindset mentality, Not allowing the distractions to distract “YOU"; Creating optimal balance amongst work time, sports time, and downtime(Showing them what that looks like)

Student Leadership/Life Skills 

Student leadership and development plays a pivotal role in every aspect of a students life. Students go through many stages in their college career as they’re trying to move forward and often times they're met with much opposition ad challenge.


 I strongly believe developing the right skills and leadership traits can help students navigate much easily throughout their college career and also prepare them for life after college.


The following topics are the most requested when it comes to speaking to student life and development...

  Academics: Time Management, Pressure of studies

 Adjustment to New Life: Transition

  Bad Habits: Procrastination, laziness

Through presentations and talks, Raven aims to provide students with the following solutions and empower them to be better leaders and create the life they want through their habits.



Academic Solution:  Showing how Education & Life Application Correlates to Academic Success and Leadership


Adjustment/ Transition Solution: Building effective relationships provides sustainability and support



Bad Habits:  Procrastination/ Laziness Solution: Giving students tangible self-help strategies to eliminate negative behavior


High School Leadership & Development

Anything that ’s given average amounts of attention will slowly fade away and eventually become obsolete. It’s the trickle-down effect. Average behavior produces average leadership, which creates average students, and the side effect is a student culture of Average! Average! Average! 


My mission, however, is to connect and empower high school students and show them the connection between school and life. How you do something's is how you're going to do everything. This generation is the future and its extremely important to show these students the power of their thoughts, their words and how they affect others.


The following are topics I have formed talks and presentations around...


Social Media/ Online Presence


Purpose/ Worth


Gossiping & Girl Issues 


Achieving & Sustaining Success


Habits / Goals

High School Testimonials

Professional Development


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