Turning Adversity Into Advantage

As a recent college graduate and entrepreneur, this book has truly changed my insight, and outlook on things. In the past, I would always allow fear/doubt to place this image of "the right time" in my head when in reality there is no right time, and never will be. Often times, we face adversity and challenges and take it personally, and even ask why me?


But this book has taught me to embrace those moments and take a more optimistic approach because nothing is a mistake, and it's all apart of the plan to shift me into my purpose and become electrifying in my dreams/aspirations. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who may be trying to find their way in life, or having difficulty identifying that inner voice. -Amazon Review


If you're looking for a good read PUSHED is one to add to your list. I was immediately blown away by how bold Raven was in sharing such intimate details of her life. It takes a lot of courage to be so transparent.


It was also awesome meeting Raven for the first time at her book signing. Her immediate smile was inviting. Her Next Level Ambition Pledge is one I have already embraced and will apply daily. This book is sure to inspire anyone to keep PUSHING!

-Tiffany Watkins

Raven Turner is changing the way that people see women and hear their voices around the world. This book about pushing through adversity and achieving everything you put your mind to will alter your mindset and ultimately your life!


What things do you need to push through?? Get this book and get over that hump!!

-Amazon Review

Last night I had the pleasure of serving Raven, and i had the opportunity to purchase her book PUSHED. When I got home last night I read a couple of chapters into part 1 and I'm already in love with this book.


She is truly amazing and inspiring. I would recommend this book to anyone who is trying to push through something to get to something greater.

-Haley Laude

PUSHED is a motivational and self-help book filled with practical wisdom and insight that can help any reader understand that their degree of success in anything they choose is in proportion to how many no’s they can sustain, while, of course, staying excited throughout their process.


“PUSHED” allows its reader to write and take notes as they read stories of myself and other prominent figures who have overcome adversity and opposition. This book helps its reader understand the power of consistency and certain principles that can be developed helping you to turn your adversity into your greatest advantage. 

The core message in “PUSHED” is sometimes the worst situations turn out to be the best opportunities. However, the number of no’s you are willing to go through to get to your desired goal will dictate whether you succeed or fail. Adversity, failure, and opposition are inevitable. Most people fail because they don’t continue to pursue what they were originally in pursuit of. “Pushed” is designed to encourage its reader not to give up in life or on their dreams and remind them that embodying certain skills and principles will be the key to helping them  elevate and succeed at the ‘NEXT LEVEL”

©2017 Raven Turner

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