"Life is About Creating Yourself"


Raven Turner is a speaker, author, and entrepreneur who has experienced her set of failures, adversity, and rejection on her journey.  Life will stretch you, challenge you, and even try to break you; just to reposition you and convey its message; that life is about growth and change and the journey must be traveled regardless of how bad the roads and accommodations are. 


Raven's journey is not defined by her hardships or setbacks but her ability to bounce back and keep going. She shares her stories and experiences of failure and rejection with her audiences in hopes that it will change their perspective on the way they perceive failure and opposition.


As a former collegiate athlete who had aspirations to pursue a career in sports business management Raven was met with much rejection and temporary defeat. Not only was she discouraged coming out of college, but she was confused about the direction of her life. Raven wholeheartedly believes that life is not about finding yourself, but creating yourself, and the way you create yourself is through your leadership skills, your habits, and what you do consistently. She was able to turn that adversity and opposition into her advantage and transition into a powerful speaker who inspires to equip, empower, and evoke students, leaders, and professionals on how to take their lives to the next level by out-working who they were the day before, and outperforming their competition.


Raven went on to receive her Bachelors from Prairie View A&M University where she was also a collegiate athlete for the Women’s Track & Field team and earned her Executive MBA in Business from Texas Woman’s University.


Today, Raven is the author of her first self published book PUSHED; Turning Adversity into Advantage and is the owner of her business Raven Turner & Associates, LLC. With a lot of focus, hard work, and commitment Raven is working on bringing her second business to life as well as writing her second book that focuses on further helping students, entrepreneurs, professionals and any reader to understand the importance of momentum and the power of small wins.

©2017 Raven Turner

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